Major Site Installations

Where it is impractical to dismantle and remove equipment for repair, we attend site with carefully chosen, often bespoke equipment to keep our customer’s business on track.

In the power generation industry, we re-tubed a major system beneath the City of London without loss of supply.

In Coventry we worked around the clock to re-construct the system owned by a private waste disposal company that generates electricity for export to the National Grid from the municipal incinerators and condenses the steam produced for re-use in the process. Consisting of 2500 25.4mm x 4500mm tubes, our team had a four week window for the works and completed the re-tube in three.

On site cleaning can be carried out by mechanical or chemical methods, depending on the nature and severity of the contamination. Where chemical cleaning is preferred, our descaling product is the industry-leading “green” descaler. Thanks to its safety in use and ease of disposal, this is the same product used and approved by UK and US government departments and global food, aviation, automotive, chemical, paper and engineering companies.